Artists and Studios

MAREK JARGIŁO - his adventure with glass began over 25 years ago, in a Greek studio. After returning to Poland, after six years, he and his wife opened a glass workshop, creating unique glass, functional and decorative forms in his own style. His works decorate, among others, the chambers of the presidential castle in Wisła

ALTO (Aneta Pawłowska) - following Picasso's motto "Art, the big one and the little one ... makes dreams fly and makes life better", the artist has been designing and creating nice, fun and useful things made of glass for over 20 years. He is passionately looking for new glass processing technologies, successfully trying to achieve the best color effects.

DOMINIKA STAWARZ-BURSKA - in her paintings she shows a fairy-tale reality. The source of inspiration for her work is her imagination. It refers to childhood. in her works she creates the world seen through the eyes of a child. It tells a story about an innocent, carefree and fun period of life. The artist avoids perspective, she paints in planes, uses contrasting colors to emphasize the way in which they present the world of children. For almost 15 years, her works have been available for purchase, among others, as reproductions on artistic tiles.

DOROTA SMOKTUNOWICZ - an artist who has been dealing with ceramics for several years, is a sensitive observer of the world around her and through ceramics she tells stories, captures and captures moments in life, just like a photographer in a photo. Each character leads an autonomous life. In her works you can see emotions: moments of emotion, joy, carefree, nostalgia.

MAŁGORZATA SŁABIKOWSKA - graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning in Gliwice. He mainly creates ceramic works, delightful with delicacy, beautifully decorated and refined down to the smallest detail.

ANNA MAŃKOWSKA - she started with making angels out of salt mass, then she invested in buying a small ceramic stove. Today, her ceramic works can be bought, for example, in the best handicraft galleries, and she also sells her products abroad. Each of her ceramic works is slightly different. The work of her hands creates original angels, ceramic sculptures of artists, and figurines of animals with character.

KRZYSZTOF WIŚNIEWSKI - a graduate of the Graphics Studio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań. Since 2004, he has been running his own Visart studio. A very versatile artist who designs and creates works in glass, ceramic sculptures and paintings.

ART FABRYKA - a small family studio, where a huge variety of ceramic works are created, created by the hands of Anna and Krzysztof Wykin, mainly from chamotte clay.

TADEUSZ I BEATA HANDZIAK - artists full of passion and love for artistic craftsmanship, which has been their field of creative activity for over 30 years. They create miracles of glass and ceramics, entirely by hand, using a variety of modeling and decorating techniques, which gives the items a unique character.

CELA37 - artists Dorota Urbaniak-Pełka and Jerzy Pełka have been gaining experience for over 20 years by combining, as they themselves call it, water with fire, i.e. creating beautiful and interesting things in the age of materialism. All their works are the work of the imagination which takes on unique forms and shapes through the work of hands, thanks to giving individual expression.

CERAMA Art Studio Agnieszka Borkowska - established in 1996, the studio deals with functional and decorative ceramics. The artist passionately creates unique items, sculptural miniatures and jewelry with elements of ceramics. The main idea of ​​the studio is to work with form and play with color, i.e. ceramics half-jokingly.

JO Joanna Olejniczak - the artist has been running her own ceramic studio for several years. He draws inspiration from the world of animals and ethnic art.

GALERIA RZECZOWO ŁADNA - a workshop dealing with the manual production of all kinds of ceramic ornaments and utility ceramics. Artists are constantly looking for new inspirations, patterns and techniques, willingly taking up new challenges at the same time.

AREK SZWED - for eight years he has been running a proprietary, one-man, independent (apart from the local electricity supplier) ceramics studio. Before he bought a furnace - the heart of every ceramic studio, he was to be, in turn: a machining technician, and a few years later a history teacher. It turned out, however, that he became a computer graphic designer for about five years, then the head of the marketing department ... it's a completely different story), his corporate uniform, office rituals and decided to literally live off the work of his own hands. The artistic ceramics created with these hands is completely unique.

MISIURA DESIGN Agnieszka Prucia - the artist started her adventure with ceramics 7 years ago. Since then, she says, instead of rolling the dough into buckwheat dumplings, she rolls clay. She is fascinated by its gray color, which holds the promise of bright light.

PAN KUKA - a small handicraft workshop run by Piotr, who creates miracles.

ANNA ART - the studio established in 2008 specializes in creating artistic ceramics. The leading topic is human figures and animals. The figurines are decorated with metal or glazed. All products are made using the handicraft method.

MAŁGORZATA AND KRZYSZTOF BOKSA - in the studio of Małgorzata and Krzysztof for 12 years, unique works in the field of painting, ceramics and woodcarving have been created. The artists promote folk and traditional art. Thanks to the originality of forms and colors, these works wonderfully decorate and make the interior unique.

KURZA CHATA - Agata and Mariusz Krasowski create in their farm unique works combining ceramics and wood.

ANDRZEJ RAFALSKI - Artist Creates large and small forms of glass, architectural glass, lamps, plafonds, water walls, tables, objects made of glass and other materials. He constantly collaborates with other creators and designers in the design and implementation phase of utility forms, as well as interior design elements. Works designed and made by the artist are in many private collections, in companies and museums in the country and abroad.

MONIKA KRZYŻYKOWSKA - the result of the incredibly efficient work of the artist's hands are most often delicate figures captured in various situations.

MAGDALENA KONIOR - a graduate of sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. She creates wonderful handmade sculptures and utensils made of porcelain, each of which has an individual, unique charm.

KAROLINA SZELĄG - ceramist and sculptor creating works inspired by interpersonal relations and between man and nature. Its porcelain cups and figurines delight with delicacy and precision of workmanship.

MARTA MISIURO - artist from Gdynia, creating, among others, original brooches made of glass, smelted under a burner at a temperature of 1500 degrees C. Her works are fairy-tale and magical; each different, each as if having its own story to tell.